Brand story

Coffee story

Discovered in Ethiopia during the seventh century
Became a beverage by the Eleventh century
Habit of drinking coffee began to spread across Europe in the fifteenth century
Now in the twenty-first century, coffee is not only a beverage but a way of living now that it’s in the clothes we wear.

The Beginning of S.Café®

S.Café® sustainable technology was developed from four years of research and hard work. By utilizing coffee’s natural ability to block odors, this technology is essentially taking wisdom from life experiences.
With the increasing demand of S.Café®, partnering with local coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds has provided a very sustainable route to supply our raw material.
Once thought of as garbage, now can be looked at as “trash to cash” while we continue to collect used coffee ground and plastic bottles from landfills by giving it another life.
Drink it, Wear it.™

The Story of Jason & Amy~S.Café® inventor

A simple joke started it all…
This is the story of how S.Café® was founded.
One day S.Café® brand founder and President Jason Chen was with his wife Amy out enjoying a local performance. While taking a break and sipping on a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, Jason and Amy saw a person coming into the shop asking for used coffee ground to take home. Upon seeing this, Amy jokingly told Jason that because he enjoys sports so much and often stinks of sweat should put coffee ground in his clothes so he would be less of a “smelly man”.
We all know that coffee grounds have a unique deodorizing function, so Jason after hearing his wife’s wisecrack thought for a moment, then turned to his wife and yelled “GOOD IDEA”! If one can harness the ability to incorporate coffee grounds to make clothes, one can also increase the performance and value of this sustainable product. Jason quickly gathered a group of innovators and environmental partners and began researching the possibilities of inputting coffee grounds into yarn.
Finally, after four years of research, development, blood, sweat, and tears…Jason has done it. In 2009 S.Café® brand was created with more products and innovations to come following this main concept.
President Jason Chen till this day continues to be the main spokesperson for this line…“Behind every successful man there is a supportive woman!