Use of Café

What are the other uses of coffee grounds?
“Recycling coffee grounds, a new sustainable direction~ Products made from coffee, wear it, also environmentally friendly!

The one and only patented S.Café® Following the fundamentals of sustainability~simple life ,simple is best!
S.Café® means, when you enjoy a cup of coffee,

in the meanwhile, you can also recycle coffee grounds and made DIY deodorant package, through this simple action that can clean our home and environment.

Or you can choose to give us to make coffee yarn fabric.
Let us work together to contribute to environmental protection!

After we reuse coffee grounds to make S.Café® textile products by a patented process, it can also make you to experience this wonderful coffee culture~

What are the other uses of coffee grounds?
Coffee carbon: during Christmas, on the fireside, people use atomic carbon made by coffee ground to get warm or it can be used for barbecue.
Coffee grounds fertilizer potted: coffee grounds mix soil , mixing ratio of 1: 6, is good for plants.
Coffee notebook: coffee grounds can be added into paper.
Coffee soap: soap made by coffee grounds plus coffee oil is good for earth.
Coffee deodorant package: on shoes, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator ... where can help deodorizing bad smell…