Use of Café

Recycle process of coffee ground
What comes after coffee ground?
Have you ever wondered about what happens to the vast amount of coffee grounds after we drink coffee every day? Is there any use of it? Or do we just put it into landfills? According to statistics, Taiwan’s population of 23 million alone consumes about 6 million cups of coffee a day, producing roughly 30 tons of coffee ground. The 1 billion coffee connoisseurs around the world drinks approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee a day with the coffee drinking population increasing at a growth rate of more than 4.5x annually.

With this staggering statistic, we have to reconsider the functions and benefits of coffee ground instead of being a discarded waste. Singtex invested four years of research and development and after eight long series of testing have developed “S.Café® sustainable coffee yarn” putting coffee grounds into functional textiles. 500 kilograms of coffee ground a day are kept from being wasted and reapplying the material into textiles, Singtex is continuiously implementing three environmental fundamentals: Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.