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Here curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, instead it gave a new life to coffee ground. It also brought you here to us.

If your curiosity continues after reading this page, feel free to share your quandaries with us!

  • Q What is S.Café®?
    A S.Café® technical composite fiber. We use the fiber to make yarn, and then into knitted or woven fabrics which then can be applied into a variety of textiles.
  • Q Coffee ground in the yarn! Will I be able to smell the coffee aroma?
    A Sure, you can choose Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona, or whatever coffee aroma you like…Just messing with you! S.Café® fabrics will never smell like coffee.
  • Q How come I cannot smell anything in S.Café® fabrics
    A The functions of S.Café® originate from the structure of coffee ground. In order to maximize the capabilities of the coffee ground, we clear its microscopic pores, extracting all the phenol, ester, and oil. This essentially takes out all the sources that would create the coffee aroma.
  • Q What are the benefits that S.Café® can provide?
    A S.Café® uses coffee grounds own natural ability to block odors that occur on our bodies when we exercises. Also combined with the abilities of recycled synthetic fibers, the result are fabrics providing UV protection, durable, and quick drying.
  • Q What do you mean by “green”?
    A Coffee grounds from local coffee shops are routinely treated as waste after brewing. By recycling these once wasted coffee grounds and adding them into our textile fibers removes this vast amount of disposed coffee grounds going to nearby landfills. Furthermore, production of these coffee grounds utilizes less energy after it has already brewed making this resource so sustainable and environmentally friendly.