Environment Protection

Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for all! Nature gives us inspiration and our philosophy here is to always respect it and protect it.
We strive to become the world’s leading supplier of sustainable textiles. In order to achieve this goal, partnering with others that share the same philosophy will encourage our growth and sustainable development.
Recently we have been working with many partners in the environmental protection front, such as “The Society Of Wilderness”, “Organic Rice Farmers”, and so on.
The Society of Wilderness (SOW) established in 1996 was founded by a group of citizens living in Taiwan. SOW is a civil, grassroots NGO for nature education and conservation. With headquarters in the capital city of Taipei, SOW’s mission is to protect wild lands, allowing nature to manage and revive itself, by obtaining guardianship and managing authorities of wilderness areas through means of purchases, long term leases, and funding from commissions and donations. SOW has become the largest non-government nature conservation and education organization in Taiwan. By promoting global wilderness protection in Taiwan will benefit not our generation but the future generations living in a better natural environment.
( https://www.sow.org.tw/ )

Wugu Wetlands Conservation

Every year Singtex teams up with Patagonia and Taiwan Society of Wilderness (SOW) to fund Wugu wetlands conservation project in the Taipei community. The Wugu wetlands conservation project conducts a series of activities, including “Wetland care lecture”, “educating the ecology of natural wetlands”, “promoting tours of Wugu wetland”, and “Awareness of the endangered dragonfly species in Wugu wetland”. This conservation project has taught many employees the importance of environmental protection.

Earth Hour

A worldwide event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), held annually towards the end of March encourages households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour or more to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change. Engaging a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues, Earth Hour was famously started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide, and the one-hour event continues to remain the key driver of the now larger movement.

Ocean beach conservation

Society of Wilderness sponsored “Ocean beach conservation”, cleaning of ocean beaches and collecting plastic bottles to recycle into a commemorative T-shirt. Love for the earth by reducing waste and caring for our planet.

Adopt the farmland, sponsoring Yilan’s rice farmers

From 2011, Singtex has started a program to sponsor an organic rice farm in Yilan. The sponsorship promotes the concept of environmental protection and also educates Singtex employees the hard work rice farms takes to put food on our tables. Employees from Singtex participates in planting and harvesting of the rice farm to have a better understanding of the overall process that a rice farmer undergoes every year.