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S.Café® yarns combine with Lyocell filaments creating sefía, a fabric made from discarded coffee grounds and biodegradable wood pulp. With the great functions of odor-control, moisture absorption, high tenacity and stability, excellent drape and brilliant luster.


What is sefía

Environmentally-friendly & Comfortable

Sustainable & Renewable Natural Fabric
Made from wood pulp combining with S.Café® yarns , sefía is a natural “green” fiber.

Odor control and efficient performance
sefía has excellent odor control, absorbing odors better than other fabrics. This feature is consistent, you can keep your sefía clean by sunlight or laundering.

Smooth and supple, with efficient performance
sefía fiber has high tenacity and stability, great moisture absorption, excellent drape, brilliant luster and anti-pilling. With those features, sefía is perfect to wear all day everyday.
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    Great moisture absorption.

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    Soft, delicate & smooth.

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    Odor Control.

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