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Green Creativity

Sing a Lovely Textile Song

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are key components of the S.Café® brand. Finding ways to experiment and make new discoveries are built into our core. S.Café® was born from a joke that grew into a wide range of textile solutions that harness the power of coffee.

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Perfection Doesn’t Exist, There Is Always Room For New Ideas.

We Could All Benefit From Coffee Infused Textiles

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S.Café® OCEAN™
Clean Oceans Coffee Yarn
S.Café® OCEAN™ includes a combination of recycled ocean plastic and ocean-bound plastic with our patented coffee technology. Equipped with powerful features like odor control, quick-dry and UVA/UVB protection, every S.Café® OCEAN™ fabric also supports sustainable development and clean oceans projects around the world. Good for you, good for the planet.
S.Café® RENU
Closed Loop Coffee Yarn
S.Café® RENU uses polyester sourced from pre- and post-consumer textile waste and combines it with our coffee yarn to create a fully circular textile solution. With the addition of S.Café® you are not only reusing waste, but also re-evolving performance, giving a new meaning to recycled clothing.
S.Café® Sefia™
Cellulose Coffee Yarn
S.Café® Sefia™ combines our coffee yarn technology with cellulose from wood pulp fiber to make a USDA 36% bio-based certified fabric. Powered by coffee, S.Café® Sefia™ fabrics feature two times more odor control, while also providing high water-retention, smooth touch, drape and luster. The fabric was awarded a Textrends Award at the 2015 ISPO in Germany.
Antibacterial and Antistatic Coffee Yarn
S.Café® SILVER™ uses vacuum sputtering technology (non-chemical process) to permanently bond 99.99% pure silver to S.Café® coffee yarn. Antibacterial effect can be retained 99% even after washing 300 times. Due to its superb design and functionality, this product was also awarded the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award.
Coffee yarn with built-in cooling effect
S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ™ otherwise known as the Iced Coffee Yarn not only maintains the functions of S.Café® quick dry, odor control and UVA/UVB protection, but also incorporates special heat absorption technology to allow fabrics to quickly dissipate body heat and maintain coolness. With our cooling technology S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ™ fabrics can reduce the body temperature by up to 2 degrees Celsius.
Invention of world’s first coffee yarn
S.Café® coffee yarn is a patented technology that uses a supercritical low temperature treatment to create yarn by recycling used coffee grounds. Natural functions including quick-drying, odor control and UVA/UVB protection are built physically into the yarn meaning S.Café® features are maintained even after regular washing and wearing. Upon its release S.Café® won a number of invention awards including Geneva Invention, INPEX, and iENA.
R&D phase
In 2004, founder of SINGTEX Jason Chen and his wife Amy Lai were at a coffee shop. Amy joked he should put coffee inside his exercise clothing to help reduce odors. Initially Jason laughed but after a few seconds the laughter transformed into enthusiasm.
Together they worked tirelessly for four years experimenting with different materials and processes for recycling used coffee grounds.

Sustainability Requires Embracing Creativity

Environmental sustainability can only be achieved through hard work and determination. We do not strive to be “normal,” instead, we push for change through creative solutions to real-world issues.

The SINGTEX R&D team developed S.Café® with strong attention to its environmental impact. S.Café® extract technology can reduce 80% carbon emissions when compared with carbonization materials. For the bio-based coffee membrane 26% petroleum material can be replaced with coffee extracted from used coffee grounds.


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International Awards

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ISPO Textrends FW

ISPO Textrends FW

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