World’s first “Sustainable bio-foam”

Received 2014 ISPO-TOP 5 Award!
and USDA Certification

Why use“S.Café AIRNEST™?

By extracting 25% of S. Café coffee oil to make AIRNEST™ foam , AIRNEST™ presents a new alternative to petroleum-based ingredients, at the same time maintaining high performance in textiles. Also, AIRNEST™ applies to a wide range of functionality, possessing great potential in diverse end-use markets.


  • Temperature regulation

    S.Café® AIRNEST™ is filled with space blocking material regulating body temperature providing warmth and comfort from all elements.

  • Odor Control

    Based on S. Café technology, AIRNEST™ bio-foam provides excellent odor control.

  • Versatility of usage

    AIRNEST™ can be implemented in a variety of end-use products, such as: home textiles, garments, shoes, and many other products.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Using less energy to manufacture, AIRNEST™ is a sustainable product made from recycled material.