Amazing insulation technology

Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, eco²sy® provides great warmth and comfort for everyday use.

Multilayer insulation

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eco²sy® multilayer insulation technology created from recycled plastic bottles and used coffee grounds. This breakthrough produces a layer of breathable, warm, windproof, waterproof, and odor control material for a variety of uses.

Sustainability means everything

Built entirely from recycled plastic bottles and discarded coffee yarns, everything that is used to make the eco²sy® layer can be recycled and used again giving it another life. So you can put your mind at ease about your impact on the environment when you wear your jacket made with eco²sy® insulation.

The advantages of eco²sy®

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    Made entirely of recycled fibers, eco²sy® is as soft and comfortable as down feathers keeping you warm and toasty.

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    the multilayer insulation makes it hard for wind to penetrate through, even under harsh conditions.

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    Odor Control

    Utilizing S.Café® coffee yarn technology, eco²sy® boosts the ability to absorb undesired body odor.

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    Lightweight & Compressible

    eco²sy® is able to achieve great warmth to weight ratio, being extremely lightweight as down feathers and compressible to fit in the most compact areas.

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    Sustainable Technology

    100% of eco²sy® is built from recycled plastic bottles and used coffee grounds. Giving materials a second life which otherwise may be discarded to landfills.