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Welcome to the SINGTEX news center, where you can obtain information on our corporate news, innovative products, as well as our public welfare, environmental, exhibition activities, and awards.

Hublot and Nespresso's collaboration births coffee watch - recycled capsules on wrist, S.Café® strap included!
Responsible Fashion – HUGO BOSS GREEN X S.Café® Sustainable Wear
S.Café® Ocean™ World Earth Day and World Oceans Day
STORMEGA™, STORMFLEECE™, STORMFLEECE™ Pro, SINGTEX® Oneshell, S.Cafe® P4DRY™ won the Selection in ISPO TEXTRENDs 2024/25 Fall/Winter.
SINGTEX REFIT Textile Recycling Project kicks off at the 2022 Tanaka Marathon!
S.Café® coffee yarn fabric debuts at Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week
A simple joke started it all… This is the story of how S.Café® was founded.
Singtex wins Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for innovative SINGTEX PROTECTOR MAGICTEX coverall and AIRMEM COLORSHELL coffee bio-jacket.