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Author: Axis Dmkt B

Hublot and Nespresso's collaboration births coffee watch - recycled capsules on wrist, S.Café® strap included!
Responsible Fashion – HUGO BOSS GREEN X S.Café® Sustainable Wear
S.Café® Ocean™ World Earth Day and World Oceans Day
STORMEGA™, STORMFLEECE™, STORMFLEECE™ Pro, SINGTEX® Oneshell, S.Cafe® P4DRY™ won the Selection in ISPO TEXTRENDs 2024/25 Fall/Winter.
SINGTEX REFIT Textile Recycling Project kicks off at the 2022 Tanaka Marathon!
S.Café® coffee yarn fabric debuts at Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week
A simple joke started it all… This is the story of how S.Café® was founded.
Singtex wins Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for innovative SINGTEX PROTECTOR MAGICTEX coverall and AIRMEM COLORSHELL coffee bio-jacket.
Transforming coffee grounds into eco-friendly yarn and cosmetics. Fashion with a green heart.