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S.Café® Branding Service

Since 2008, S.Café® has been committed to providing comfortable, and more sustainable clothing options. Our coffee yarn technology is known for its ability to odor control, quick drying, and UV protection. We’re proud that our brand has become synonymous with eco-friendliness and innovation, and we take trademark protection seriously to ensure that our customers and consumers can continue to trust our products. Whether you’re looking for high-tech yarns for apparel or other applications, S.Café® is here to provide you with the best in sustainable materials.

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The S.Café® branding service provides hangtag and marketing materials application services.

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Before starting to apply for service, please pass the product testing.

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After passing the product test, you can start the application process for hangtags and marketing material application.

Towards A Sustainable
Future Together

Through rigorous quality assurance, S.Café® have obtained multiple patent certifications and domestic/overseas awards. We strive to renew and repurpose limited resources at our disposal to achieve the vision of a sustainable ecological environment. S.Café® cordially invites our clients to support the vision with us to propagate the philosophy of caring about the Earth and people through the brand.

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