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S.Café® eco²sy®

Coffee Powered Thermal Insulation

A cruelty-free thermal insulation that uses recycled coffee grounds to enhance the performance of multi-layer insulation with odor control. Made from recycled materials eco²sy® is light with great compressibility while providing superb water repellency, heat retention, and protection against wind. The result is a thermal solution that provides garments with breathability and shelter against adverse weather conditions.

Astonishing Insulation Technology

eco²sy® is an insulation technology that improves multi-layer insulation and odor control by incorporating recycled coffee grounds. It offers exceptional water repellency, heat retention, and wind protection. The outcome is a thermal solution that grants garments breathability while shielding them against unfavorable weather conditions.

Performance Fabrics

Heat Retention

Unique fibers and multi-layer construction allows eco²sy® PET fibers to capture and retain heat while holding static air within their structure.

Odor Control

The coffee yarn’s excellent odor absorbing performance endows eco²sy® with over 10 times odor control ability compared to conventional fibers.


eco²sy® multi-layer insulation technology effectively keeps cold air out.


The heat-retaining fibers from PET are not only as light and soft as feather, but it can also capture static air within its structure.

Multiple Insulation Layers

eco²sy® multi-layer insulation technology is made possible through recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, offering heat retention, wind-resistance, water-resistance, and odor control properties

Lightweight And Good Compressibility

eco²sy® offers lightweight and good compressibility, as well as exceptional heat retention ability.

Sustainable Concept

Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and coffee ground, the eco-friendly product also reduces waste.


Products Made With S.Café® eco2sy® Technology

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