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Cool Under Pressure

Focus on the workout at hand and let athletic wear do the multitasking. With the S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ™ series, we took all the benefits of S.Café® and added our patented cooling technology. In this cooling fabric, we captured the natural power of crystals and integrated them into the fabric to create a cooling effect that will not disappear from wearing or washing. The fabric’s special properties dissipate heat and accelerate the wicking of sweat and moisture from the skin, resulting in a lowered body temperature.

Performance Fabrics

Ice Cool Touch

Like drinking an iced coffee on a hot day, S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ™ will stay cool in the heat and provide moisture control to leave the wearer more comfortable and refreshed for longer. All fabric features utilize cooling yarn properties and do not require chemical treatments. ICE-CAFÉ™ fabrics will maintain their function even after extended wearing and repeated washing.

Odor Control

Providing better odor control than regular cotton, S.Café® technology gives the wearer confidence even during endurance activities. Recycled coffee grounds are the building blocks of our fabrics, odor-fighting is physically built into every S.Café® product and will not fade with time.

Fast Drying

Designed for superior dryness, the fabric naturally wicks moisture away from the skin to the outer surfaces of the fabric. This enhances the drying process and substantially reduces the drying time. Because features are key components of S.Café®, they are built in and will not wash or wear out.

UV Protection

Reflect harmful UV/UVB rays from the sun naturally. The microscopic pores in coffee grounds create a long-lasting natural and chemical-free shield against the sun’s powerful rays. Incorporate S.Café® with your regular sun protection to experience a truly comfortable outdoor experience.

Ice Cool Touch

Ice Cool Touch S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ™ is another sustainable yarn able to cool down the temperature of our skin about 1 to 2°C compared to common fabrics. The fabric itself has a cooling feel.


Products Made With S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ™ Technology

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