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S.Café® OCEAN™

Keep our Oceans Clean

Enjoy all the features of S.Café® while supporting sustainable development and clean oceans projects worldwide. With S.Café® OCEAN™, we have created PET yarn and fabrics made from certified ocean plastics and ocean-bound plastics to bring S.Café® to another level.
Our patented technology offers a high-performance recycled ocean plastic fabric that is functional, sustainable, and comfortable, S.Café® OCEAN™ fabrics have excellent Odor Control, Quick Dry, and UV/UVB Protection.

Performance Fabrics

Odor Control

S.Café® technology’s key feature is its ability to combat odors. Compared to cotton, S.Café® offers triple odor control, ensuring the wearer longer-lasting freshness. Due to our proprietary technique of combining coffee within the yarn, odor-fighting capabilities are permanent.

Fast Drying

Developed for active lifestyles, S.Café® delivers superior moisture-wicking properties that draw moisture away from the skin towards the outer surfaces of the fabric. By adding coffee grounds to yarn, we are able to increase the surface area leading to a faster drying process.

UVA/UVB Protection

Acting as a chemical-free and natural barrier, recycled coffee grounds offer greater protection against the sun when compared to conventional polyester or cotton fabrics. The coffee grounds reflect UVA and UVB rays to provide the wearer with a barrier against the sun's harmful rays.

Building Partnerships For A Better Future

We are working with environmental protection groups on clean-up projects in the world’s oceans, beaches, harbors, and other waterways. Most importantly, we are also partnering with organizations that collect ocean-bound plastics, stopping plastics from ever entering the oceans. Let’s protect marine ecosystems and continue building a better future together!

Partner Zone
Certified Ocean Plastic &
Ocean-Bound Plastic

Making The Oceans Of Tomorrow
Cleaner Today

For over a decade, we have been focused on cleaning the ocean by developing partnerships with NPOs, organizing company-wide volunteer events, and investing in developing new products and processes that protect our oceans.

Azure Alliance


Beach Clean-Up


Products Made With S.Café® OCEAN™ Technology

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