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S.Café® P4DRY™

Fabric Printing Technology

Have your textiles reach their full potential. The award-winning P4DRY™ technology uses recycled coffee grounds in our proprietary fabric printing methods. With the combined properties of coffee and raised functional print, fabrics with P4DRY™ printing can dry faster, have better odor control, and are comfortable on the skin, making them the best fabric for sweat.

Performance Fabrics

Odor Control

Coffee grounds absorb odors, allowing for fabric to remain fresh. Fabrics with P4DRY™ are 80% more effective at fighting odors than fabrics without it.

Dry Touch

With the unique P4DRY™ coffee ground printing technology, your body will stay dry and comfortable even if you are sweating because the coffee ground prints in contact with your skin can wick moisture away from your body quickly to keep your garment dry.

And Eco-Friendly

We use recycled coffee grounds to create the P4DRY™ printing materials to reduce environmental burden.

Condensation Rate

P4DRY™ coffee ground prints can reduce condensation rate significantly. The P4DRY™ fabric decreases moisture residue by 30%.


Outdoor Industry Award

Inventions Geneva

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