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Cleaning the Oceans Together

AZURE X S.Café® Ocean™
The radiant and warm springtime sun generously casts a glow across Zhuwei Fishing Harbor, turning the sea into glittering gold. This sunny Friday welcomed World Earth Day 2022, as well as the LOI signing ceremony for a collaboration project between SINGTEX® and the Azure Alliance.

Oceans give us life. Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and has 220 harbors. However, the harbors are only being cleaned sporadically, damaging the coastal zone and spilling more garbage into the ocean.

Azure Alliance is a team formed by a group of marine scientists and engineers. They volunteer outside of their day jobs to develop the Azure Bot, an automated marine debris cleaning machine. The Azure Bot is the last line of defense before the trash flows from the land to the ocean.

In order to get the most out of plastic garbage collected by the Azure Bot, Azure Alliance is collaborating with SINGTEX® by handing over collected plastic bottles. SINGTEX®, uses these bottles in its S.Café® OCEAN™ yarn which is made from coffee grounds and recycled PET.

S.Café® OCEAN™ is the thirteenth generation of S.Café®, a patented technology of SINGTEX®. The combination of recycled PET bottles from the ocean and coffee yarn technology (TW I338729) not only helps support clean ocean projects and organizations like Azure Alliance, but also has great performance features like odor control, quick dry and UV protection. Not only does it re-use collected waste, but it also enhances athletic performance.

Azure Alliance is not a garbage collection team, but a team that wants to bring back the original azure color of our oceans.

SINGTEX® and Azure Alliance, work together to transform discarded marine debris into a yarn that will transform the world.

4/22 World Earth Day
A ceremony was held to sign an LOI for enhanced collaboration. SINGTEX® volunteers tested the capabilities of the robot.

6/8 World Oceans Days
SINGTEX® was invited to participate in the launch of the third generation Azure Boat. The event was organized by the Azure Alliance and took place at the Bali Shipyard.

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