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Sustainable Wear

Monica Chang Manager, SINGTEX® Fabric Business Division

Sustainability is about responsibility.

The cooperation between the SINGTEX® GROUP’s S.Café® and HUGO BOSS has entered its 12th year. Throughout the cooperation, we have worked alongside the brand spirit of HUGO BOSS. This includes collaborating with designers to fully grasp their style concepts and product lines. Together we have innovated product lines and ensured HUGO BOSS customers get fashion-forward styles that are also functional.

HUGO BOSS is strongly commitment to sustainable development and takes fulfilling its environmental and social responsibilities seriously. Over the years the brand has become a leader in the use of sustainable raw material providing a clear path for the fashion industry.

This pioneering spirit for sustainability coincides with our business philosophy at SINGTEX® GROUP: “We are committed to giving mankind a more comfortable and healthy future, using environmentally friendly materials to manufacture high-quality textiles.” The joint passion of SINGTEX® and HUGO BOSS has allowed us to build a long-term cooperative relationship to create progressive change in wardrobes across the world.


Interview with Monica Chan, the HUGO BOSS Account Manager:

Q: How long have you worked at SINGTEX® GROUP? What was your first position in the company?
A: I have just been in SINGTEX® for 6 years. At the beginning, I was a sales specialist but am now the manager of our third European Fabric Business Division.

Q: Why did you step into the textile industry?
A: Before joining SINGTEX® GROUP, I was in garments. Every time I discussed garment with customers, I found that if I could learn more about the characteristics of fabrics, I would be able to discuss with customers more professionally and provide better service. This pushed me to improve my knowledge in the textile industry and switch to fabrics. My unique background in garments and fabrics allows me to provide SINGTEX® GROUP customers with a deeper level of understanding because I fully understand their needs.

Q: What do you think the future of the textile industry will look like?
A: The export proportion of the traditional textile industry is declining year by year, but I see this more as a transformation for the industry. SINGTEX® GROUP is providing wisdom, sustainability, and innovation. The future is definitely booming, with performance and sustainability in the forefront. At present, Taiwan’s textile industry plays a very important role in the supply chain, accounting for 70% of the global functional textile industry.

Q: Why do you like this job so much?
A: When you turn abstract ideas and concepts into products, and see customers wearing them, that sense of accomplishment cannot be replaced by anything. How to make products conform to brand positioning while controlling quality has always been the goal of my team. In every development process, there will be unexpected situations, and these processes are often more complicated and difficult than we imagined. The production of a piece of cloth is completed through the joint efforts of professionals in various fields. It’s not just a piece of cloth, it’s a piece of knowledge! Only through research and communication can we continue to improve and deliver a perfect piece of fabric to customers.

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