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Introducing 99.8™: Coffee oil from coffee grounds

A cup of coffee, when consumed is only a minuscule 0.2% of the coffee, with the remaining 99.8% becoming coffee grounds; by applying coffee grounds into yarn, we put a once disposed 99.8% to good use. The patented S.Café® sustainable technology utilizes the full 99.8% of the coffee ground, with the oil extracted producing day-to-day cosmetics such as massage oil, soap, shampoo, candle. . . etc.

Thus, the birth of a new brand –99.8™, with S.Café® sustainable technology created coffee yarn as the fundamental core, this brand strives to create more environmentally friendly, and quality innovative products. 99.8™ is a lifestyle brand creating warm and comfortable products with the environment in mind.

The brand’s mission is to produce environmentally friendly garments by maximizing our resources. Our fundamental concept is focused on sustainable development and protecting the environment by progressing toward closed-loop production.

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