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Giving new life to old clothes

SINGTEX has provided S.Café® environmental technology coffee gauze fabric for seven consecutive years to make running clothes for the Taiwan Yicang Tanaka Marathon. The fabric is derived from the discarded coffee grounds in daily life, and is added to the fiber through patented technology to make the clothes achieve odor control , anti-UV and quick-drying effect. This year, SINGTEX launched the “SINGTEX® REFIT™ Textile Recycling Project” at the Tanaka Ma booth, encouraging runners to bring the 100% polyester running clothes that they no longer wear at home to the event venue, and hand them over to SINGTEX to make new ones Clothes, implement the “textile to textile” sustainable cycle plan!

SINGTEX® REFIT™ is SINGTEX’s latest textile sustainable recycling plan, which decomposes, reassembles, and remakes brand-new clothes from single-material old clothes made of 100% polyester fiber and leftovers from the clothes manufacturing process. Adhering to the idea that recycling is not about collecting “garbage” but about collecting “resources”, SINGTEX® REFIT™ started with the 2022 Taiwan Yonekura Tanaka Marathon. On the day of the event, 152 pieces of used running clothes have been received and nearly 400 people have participated in the response activity , and will cooperate with more road running events in the future, hoping to put SINGTEX® REFIT™ old clothes recycling bins in more corners of Taiwan. Let runners wear regenerated running clothes to participate in the next sports event. While running towards the finish line, they also strive to run forward for a sustainable cycle!

In addition, Taishan Enterprise, the main sponsor of the Tanaka Marathon, also cooperates with SINGTEX S.Café® Coffee Yarn in the 2022 Tanaka Marathon, hoping to realize the expectation of turning the discarded plastic bottles generated by road running activities into running clothes, and encourage folks and runners to share To celebrate the event, bring the used PET bottles back to the Taishan booth, and bring the 100% polyester fiber old clothes to the SINGTEX booth. Combined with the Taishan PET bottle and SINGTEX S.Café® environmental protection technology coffee yarn patent technology, it will be made next year Tanaka horse running suit and Tarzan uniform. Incorporate the concept of environmental protection into the source of product design, and wear the determination to protect the earth on your body!

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