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SINGTEX wins 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award Gold Award!

Launched in 1993 by the MOEA, Taiwan Excellent Award is lauded as the Industrial Academy Awards of Taiwan. Every year, the selection criteria of R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing, as well as Made in Taiwan are considered to evaluate and choose products with innovative values to receive the Taiwan Excellence Award. Symbolizing the pinnacle of the Taiwanese industry, the award is promoted internationally by the government to shape the innovate image of Taiwanese industries.

The 29th Taiwan Excellence Award was held on November 25, 2020 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, and Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-Hua, Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA Cynthia Kiang, and TAITRA Chairman James C. F. Huang all turned out for the event to express their congratulations to the 252 award-winning enterprises.

The Gold and Silver Awards are the epitome of the innovative values of the industry in Taiwan. This year marks Singtex’s 13th time participating in the Taiwan Excellence Award. Besides the award-winning SINGTEX PROTECTOR Magictex coverall and S.LEISURE eco-comfy back lace up vest, we also stood out from 1,167 submissions and 10 finalists at the 29th award ceremony with AIRMEM COLORSHELL coffee bio-jacket to win the highest honor – Gold Award!

AIRMEM COLORSHELL coffee bio-jacket

AIRMEM COLORSHELL uses microporous membrane technology. Not only provides windproof, waterproof and oil repellence, but also permit excellent moisture vapor permeability to keep wearer stay dry and not feel cold.

By using millions of micropores in the material to let the moisture passes through the pores directly. AIRMEM microporous membrane features water resistance is based on the aperture of the pores controlled between 0.2-10pm. It can prevent raindrops [size of 100-3000pm) permeate from outside and allow humid vapor (0.0004um) diffuse from human body. This unique structure provides air exchange and moisture dissipate while remaining completely dry.

AIRMEM COLORSHELL can be designed for reversible jacket, allowing it to be switched from a membrane outer shell to a textured soft interior. Wearer can keep options open to choose which side wearing.

SINGTEX PROTECTOR_Magictex coverall

According to COVID-19, SINGTEX invests in personal protective equipment research. With 30 years of outdoor material supplier experience, SINGTEX turns high quality waterproof and breathable fabric into medical use and built a new product line. SINGTEX PROTECTOR MAGICTEX COVERALL is made from woven fabric which can pass CNS 17498 Hydrostatic pressure over 50cm H20 and Impact penetration less than 1 gram. Besides, this coverall is classified as CNS P3 level which means the product has to pass synthetic blood and bacteriophage. SINGTEX PROTECTOR MAGICTEX COVERALL provides higher breaking and tearing strength than non-woven coverall. The sew seam is taped by hot-melting seam tape which provides higher protection and faster production volume.

S.LEISURE eco-comfy back lace up vest

S.LEISURE eco-comfy back lace up vest uses the latest recyclable stretch technology featuring long-lasting stretch comfort, breathability, fast dry, lightweight & superior recovery while reducing its carbon footprint.

Recyclable & sustainable:
For comfort fit, Spandex fibers are partially blended with cotton or polyester making it hard to recycle & it needs a lot of energy to produce. S.LEISURE replaces 6% Spandex yarns making it recyclable & 20% more energy efficient in the dyeing process. The water & energy savings for 1500 pcs S.LEISURE vest can supply a person 10 years of water & power a household for a month.

S.LEISURE fabrics are good for sports, leisure & training garments. Its excellent color fastness & comfort moderate stretch has earned the ISPO Textrend selection award.

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